6 Eye-popping Balloons Crafts for Every Celebration

When it comes to parties and special decorations the first thing that comes to our minds are balloons. Balloons are so fun and cheerful and they are literally the life of any party. It can transform any dull place into an enjoyable party place and turn it vibrant because of the bright colorful balloons. There are so many ways you can decorate with balloons and make the decoration lively and fun. There are many ways you can use balloons for decoration and you can do some DIY projects for the unique balloons decoration at your place. This unconventional balloon decoration idea will make your part decoration look so fun and beautiful and at the same time your guests too will love the whole décor. Thus we are here with some 6 eye popping and awesome balloons crafts you can do for different celebrations like birthdays, anniversary etc.

Freeze Some Magical Lawn Decorations

These ice luminaries are so easy to make. All you need is some balloons and battery operated tea lights. You have to fill up the balloons with water and fill up as big as you want your ice luminary to be. Make sure they are filled big enough to cover the tea light. Sp basically you have made bunch of water balloons and simply freeze them. Once they are frozen take off the balloons. You have to put the tea lights on grounds or on snow and put the ice ball over the tea light, it would literally look like a luminary.

Save the Date with Balloons

If you are planning to send the invitation of your wedding, birthday or any other occasion to your loved one, this is a fun way to do it. You are first supposed to make invitation cards with details of venue, time and everything required to be mentioned. Then tie a balloon with the names of the couple printed on it. You can order printed balloons online or simply use any balloon. This way you can send your invite with a personalized balloon. Send birthday balloons online to your friends and relatives and wish them a very happy birthday through these cheerful balloons.

DIY Balloons Fruit

If you are in the mood of doing something so much fun, here we have an idea. You can make giant fruit props entirely out of balloons also they are so easy to create. These DIY Balloon fruits make great party decorations too. For making balloon fruits you will require few regular balloons, some 260 Q long balloons to make the twig of the fruits, balloon pump and scissors. You will have to twist the balloon to make the leaf, stem and other parts of balloon. This way you can make fruits like oranges, pear, grapes etc with the help of balloons.

DIY Balloons Wishes

This is a great activity for any party where the guests can involve themselves in this activity and have fun times. According to the occasion you can balloons or you can have colorful balloons and after inflating the balloons you can paint on the balloons. For example it is a bridal shower all the bridesmaid can inflate the balloons and once the balloons are inflated they can decorate the balloons with markers and paints writing various wishes, drawing rings and other such wedding related things on balloons.

DIY Marble Balloons

Sometimes we get bored of usual balloons, balloons are absolutely so much fun and through this you can make the balloons even more creative. To make these balloons you will require nail polish in more than 2 to 3 colors, white balloons, ribbon, toothpicks, clothes pin, large bowl or bucket and room temperature. Put the colors in water and make patterns using the toothpick. Inflate the balloon and dip it in the water, the pattern in water will be printed on the balloon.

Wax Water Balloon Luminaries

These are wax candle luminaries; you can get the rounded shape filling water in balloon. Dip the same in warm melted wax and pop the balloon once the wax has dried well enough to hold the rounded shape. Now use it as colorful candle. Make balloons bouquet delivery to your loved ones for special occasions and festivals and convey your wishes through colorful and bright balloons.

We hope these wonderful balloon crafts add fun and enjoyment to all your celebration and you have a great time with your loved ones.

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