Different Types of Balloons those are Available in the World


Have you ever thought that Balloons could have so many types and varieties? Here I will present to you many different types of a balloon that are available to you to buy in the market.

1) Water Balloon

Water Balloon

When it is summertime, it is the time of water balloon. They are made out of a special material which expands when filling with water. They are usually small in size hence they can be carry and thrown at someone or an object. Children love to throw these balloon at their friends as they do not hurt because of their lightweight. We can also regular tap water and do not need specific types of liquid. They are meant for one-time use and thus, they can be throwing away. This is the very reason they are inexpensive.

2) Toy Balloon

Toy Balloon

They are filling with helium or air and are the ones usually used in the children’s parties or any other parties. That they come in all fancy colors and shapes. They are made of latex, foil, rubber and are usually inexpensive. There is also a type of balloon that helps you to make as many possible shapes out of them. They can be twist and tied with a knot and made to look like animals. You can also order balloons for a birthday.

3) Hot air Balloons

Hot air Balloons

They work on the principle that hot air is lighter than the cold air. If you have look up in the sky and watch people starring at you in a basket attach to a huge balloon, you know it! That is a hot air balloon. It has an envelope of hot air attach to the top that enables the balloon in rising. This balloon is attach to a huge basket or gondolas to carry passengers. They are considering being fun rides for children and they are also attractive as they come in various designs and shapes of cartoon characters.

4) Gas Balloon

Gas Balloon

All types of a balloon that you know are nothing but a gas balloon. They have hydrogen and helium as their major constituent as these gases are lighter. Those are generally tied at the end so that the gas does not escape. They are use in birthday parties for celebration and decorating the rooms. That are the most use balloon. If you wish to gift it to your valentine you can buy heart-shaped balloons online.

5) Cluster Balloon

Cluster Balloon

It is a little different from the hot air balloon which consists of just one balloon. The cluster balloon, as the name suggests is made of a cluster of a balloon. They are filling with helium and are attached to the pilot who carries himself/herself on a gondola with extreme safety precautions. It is by regulating the number of balloon that the pilot decides the altitude.

6) Fire Balloon

Fire Balloon

Fire balloon was use for terrorism during World War II by Japan. The word itself suggests fire. They were said to be used by the Japanese where they filled the balloon with fire and dropped them over their enemies. They were dropped on the farms, lands, and cities of Canada and America. It was a hydrogen balloon that carried fatal bombs in it. It is no longer used today.

7) Foil and Mylar Balloon

Foil and Mylar Balloon

These balloon are a bit expensive. They are made of nylon sheets which makes them carry the helium gas much better than the rubber balloon. They have a metal-like appearance and you can also print on them. So, in case you are thinking of what to gift your younger siblings and friends. Here you can print a beautiful message on the balloon and gift it. Buy balloons online, which may be theme-based also make a fun idea for décor in weddings, parties and various types of celebrations. You can also.

8) Helium Balloon

Helium Balloon

Helium balloon are very light and they also float. They are the ones which can justify the décor of fairy lights as they would float in the air. That they are the most preferred due to this quality. They are often decorating with many ideas and they are an interesting attraction in the party. Very often they are place on one string also with some appropriate weights they can be regulating in position and movements. Due to the presence of the lighter helium gas, they have a tendency to disappear in the air. If they are left or place in an open environment and hence we have the weights to tie them and keep them in their place.

Thus, I mention the various types of a balloon that one can buy for various occasions leaving a few types which can be really dangerous. The threatening if used without guidance like the Hot Air Balloon. And also the others which are legally prohibit like the Fire Balloon.

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