6 Ideas that you can do Unique with Balloons

We might be planning for any occasion, for decoration one thing that crosses our minds every time are balloons. Balloons are cheap and with few balloons we can make the venue look bright and colorful. Not only for decorations, balloon can also be used in so many different ways in day to day things. So use balloons for daily life hacks and get interesting and fun things made out of it. You can make balloons even more interesting and fun through unexpected ways. Kids and adults too love balloons so balloons are perfect for decoration of any celebration. Thus we are here with wonderful and unconventional balloon hacks.

Rainbow Balloon Birthday Wreath

We have known various balloon decoration ideas with inflated balloons. But we are here with a balloon decoration idea with deflated balloons. You can use the deflated balloons to make a wreath. It is very easy to do it by yourself, use colorful deflated balloons and tie them around any circular object or premade wreath ring making it look like a colorful wreath. This will sure welcome the guests and they would be surprises to see such crafting with the help of unconventional materials.

Funky Balloon Flip Flops

Balloons are not only used for decoration but for many other purposes and we are here to present you the same. If you are a huge fan of colorful flip flops, this DIY is for you. You can make a crafty sandal out of colorful deflated balloons. You have to glue or tie the deflated colorful balloons on your sandal straps to make your flip flops look unique and colorful. Kids will look this look of their sandals. Send birthday balloons online to your near and dear ones to wish them very happy birthday through these inflated balloons.

Rainbow Tissue Paper Balloons

Balloons are also one of the great craft supplies; you can get creative with your kids and teach them making fun crafts and arts from balloons. Inflate few balloons, get a tissue paper roll and cover the balloon with tissue papers. You can color these tissues in different colors and make the balloon look like a piece of an art. Kids are absolutely going to love this and also they would learn and have fun both at the same time.

Balloon Painting

Again this is also a very fun way to make paintings and that too with the help of balloons. Usually we ask our kids to paint through brushes this time instead of brushes use inflated balloons of different sizes. Kids are supposed to dip these different sized inflated balloons in color and make paintings and patterns. This is an interesting way to get your child get creative and use an unconventional brush for painting. This can be a perfect lazy afternoon activity when your child is feeling bored.

Balloon Party Barrette

Our kids love to dress their best when they are going out at their friend’s place for meet up of party. They want to look good for special occasions just like we want to look for social gatherings. So we are here with an unusual idea to make a barrette for kids out of inflated balloons. You have to take some colorful inflated balloons that tie them together with the string so that it will look like a barrette, it can also be used as a hair tie for the girls.

Freeze some Magical Lawn Decorations

You can take balloons of bold colors, fill them with water and freeze them. Now once they are frozen they would look so different thus can be used as decoration for various parties and celebrations held in backyard or garden. This is an innovative way to decorate with the balloons, thus you can use balloons in form of ice and place them at different places in your backyard and they would look like colorful eggs. Make balloon delivery to your loved ones on their special days and convey your wishes to them in form colorful balloons.

These are some fun and unique with balloons decoration ideas that would make any party venue bright and lovely.

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