7 Creative and Unique Cake Decorating Trends in 2020

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7 Creative and Unique Cake Decorating Trends in 2020

It is so important to know cake trends when you are planning out for your future makes. As most of us are home quarantined the best activity all we are looking up to is cooking and baking. To give your home-baked cake an extraordinary look just like that of a bakery you can follow these creative cake decorating trends. Instead of searching for the latest cake decorating trends go through our guide and make a cake delight at home. This is a world of evolving styles and we have put together this guide for you all so you can bake scrumptious cakes at homes and decorate it with these creative and unique cake decorating trends in 2020.

You can keep up with the latest cake decoration ideas and trends by keeping this as your reference. It is so important to keep up with popular trends and bake to perfection some delicious cake for your loved ones.

1] Unique Cake Toppers

Unique Cake Toppers

You would have seen monograms and custom names written on the prettiest script but we would have seen very rare handmade cakes figurines. These custom cake toppers can make an impression on your special occasions. For a wedding cake, you can recreate the couple for the top of the cake and this can be your favorite keepsake of the day. You can also use fun phrases for cake toppers or pull in a tie referring to your favorite pop culture.

2] Alt-Cakes

Through alternative cakes, you can show a ton of personality in a cute way. You can use different types of cakes or desserts to decorate your main cake. For example, you can use bundt cake or pie for unique visual representation of the tradition. You can get extra creative and decorate the cake with cheese wheels, pancakes pizzas, etc with these out of box ideas. Order birthday cake online from our online cake shop and treat your near and dear ones with special designer cakes to wish them a happy birthday.

3] Metallics


This is the trend that never gets old earlier people were using gold and silver whereas now people are moving away from classic golds, silvers, and coppers and choosing rose gold over them. Especially for wedding cake designs, the metallic decoration is just perfect. You can decorate the cake from gold leaf-covered tiers to the slightest hint of edible metallic dust and give a wonderful and high-end expert cake look to your cake.

4] Terrazzo


This type of decoration is also quite new and it is the talk of the town. Terrazzo is simply used for tiled flooring, kitchen surfaces, and walls. In recent times it is been making an appearance on cake tiers. It is balanced out with gold lead tiers or plain colored sugar paste. This type of cake decoration creates a dramatic effect and it is one of the most popular Cake Decorating Trends in 2020. You can also get insights on 2020 cake trends from our online gift site and bake scrumptious cakes at home on various important occasions.

5] Foliage


Foliage decoration on the cake is a thing for some time now. But there is constant change in this trend. People have been using different types of foliage since the trend started till now. Ferns are replaced nowadays by eucalyptus and gypsophila by making them stunning addition to the naked wedding cakes. One can add terrific finishing touch to the glamorous sugar paste designs and particularly crisp white wedding cakes with different types of foliage for cake decoration. Make online cake delivery to USA to your friends and relatives there and convey your wishes to them through delicious and mouthwatering cakes.

6] Sprinkles


Sprinkles are one of the most popular cake decoration trends and also these sprinkles have gone under major transformation over the last year. Nowadays sprinkles are available in various different forms like stars, flowers, balls instead of that classic noodle like structures. Even a little kid could decorate the cake with these colorful sprinkles and so they will always be evergreen cake decoration trend.

7] Fault Line

Fault Line

This type of decoration debuted in 2019 and has also evolved in a year. Beautiful fault line effects have replaced the drip cakes. This fault line decoration idea is nowadays complemented by some glamour by using edible metallic pearls and flakes of gold leaf. This addition is adhered to the cake using clear piping gel or glue. So, get creative with your latest cake with this cake decoration idea. You can get the latest cake decorating trend ideas from our online gift site and decorate cakes at home with these amazing ideas.

We hope you got complete insights on these creative and unique Cake Decorating Trends in 2020 which you can incorporate while baking cake.

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