Birthday Themes Cake Ideas for Children

11 of The Best Birthday Themes Cake Ideas for Children

You can not overlook kids birthday ever. Kids always demand a grand party and obviously a decorated cake. Our mind questions sometimes of how to get the best birthday theme cakes. We have invited some famous themes that can be applied to your kid’s birthday party. This will make your task easy of choosing a party theme and getting the theme cake decoration cake also. Our online bake shop is ready to serve to order birthday cake online from any country to any location around the world.

1. The Flowers Tots Birthday Cake


The flowers tots birthday cake


It is a perfect cake for the floral theme party. The cake is surrounded by white daisies made with sugar sheet. Also the piped white stars on the edges from white whipping crème. Sponge cake is coated with purple sugar paste. And the cake is baked in a rectangular pan to shape a birthday number on it. Adorable cupcakes with purple fondant and pink flowers give this cake an extraordinary look. Now the time is to personalize a message on fondant t and decorate the edges with piped stars.

2. Super Mario Birthday Cake


Super Mario birthday cake


Super Mario Birthday cake decoration is an inspiring theme for celebrating kid’s birthday. This is an all-time favorite cake of children. The decoration itself tells the story of childhood. The sponge cake is coated with blue fondant and sugar powder to give the sky effect. And the little yellow fondant stars is to delight the sky. The stars on the edges and a happy birthday message give it a complete look. We are best in giving you freshly baked birthday cake delivery in all the corners of the world.

3. Night Garden Birthday Cake


Night garden birthday cakeTry this unique night garden theme cake to enjoy the high time of the party. The funky decoration of lgglpiggie and Ups Daisy characters is just a right choice cake for the birthday celebration. Nature inspiring cake is completely covered with green fondant. Fondant white flowers give it a complete nature’s look.

4. Teddy Bear Christening Cake


Teddy Bear Christening Cake


A teddy bear christening cake is a playful decoration for 0 age to 5 years kids birthday. An Adorable teddy bear is made by pink sugar paste. The white fondant sheet is used to cover the sponge cake. Flower piping and unique decoration give it a flaunting look. Word block on the sugar paste beautifies the cake decoration. Stars around the edges give this cake a finished touch. Come to us and get the best birthday cakes delivered at any time from anywhere around the world.

5. Cute Halloween Cake


Cute Halloween Cake


If your kid’s birthday is in Halloween month, you can celebrate the birthday in Halloween theme. Though it is celebrated in a horrible manner you can add extra joy into it by making a cute Halloween cake. A sugar paste teddy smiles with purple cake while little pink pumpkin justifies the theme. Cute stars of pink and green cover the cake and the edges are covered the piping stars. Name on the top is sweetly carved with sugar paste letters. This cake looks adorable for Halloween theme birthday party.

6. Owl Themed Cupcakes


Owl Themed Cupcakes


it is a perfect decoration for kid’s first birthday party. Cute cupcakes are adorned in owl theme with sugar paste. Cookie cutters can help in making the themed cupcakes. The vanilla cupcake in owl theme is ready to go for the birthday bash.

7. Peppa Pig Themed Birthday Cake


Peppa Pig Themed Birthday Cake


Use a big pan sponge cake and cut a 3 letter with the help of the knife. This Is the prettiest decoration for the Peppa Pig themed party. Use a big pan sponge cake and cut 3 letters with the help of the knife. Sponge cake is covered with pink sugar paste. Sugar paste daisies add a glaze to the cake. Grey color sugar paste is used to describe the celebration of one’s life. From birthday to anniversary, baby shower to the housewarming, this is a one-stop destination to get the fresh Cake Delivery Online.

8.Superhero Party Theme Cake

Superheroes are a role model of every child. They have their own world of fancy for their superheroes. Your child is a fan of Batman or spiderman parents have to use their superpowers to organize the stupendous superhero party for kids. The cake is the first crush of every kid when he or she is celebrating birthdays. Though you have done all the settings in the superhero theme cake would be the center of attraction. So order cakes online personalized in a superhero theme. You get a wide selection of buying printed cake matches with the superhero theme party. All you need to do is to order it before the day. So that you get a cake of choice right at the time you are wishing for. At the end of a party give each child a superhero mask as a thank you favor.

9.Basketball Sports Party Theme Cake

Your kid is a die-hard fan of a basketball game; you have to encourage their sportsmanship. Plan his special day celebration of life by arranging a basketball theme party. Well, there is no point of celebration until you don’t get the cake to customize in a football theme. A red or blue combination or football shape, you get the desired cake from a personalized cake shop. Baking experts are already there to meet your needs for cake. Either you can buy mini cupcakes customized in cupcake theme. You can also use these cupcakes after to serve as a thank you favor in the end.

10.Jungle Theme Cake

Hosting a jungle party for your animal-loving kid, here you go. Go wild decorating the party with stuffed animals, wild animal toys and tropical garden forest. but all your efforts will not impact that much if you don’t get a wild cake customized in a jungle theme. Get the big sized cake decorated with edible prints of plants, forest, and animals. Get some stuffed animals and animal toys to decorate the cake table.

11.Pirate Ship Theme Cake

The pirate theme is most popular when you are thinking about the different theme for kids or adults celebration. Pirate inspiring party supplies are easily available on a supermarket. You can get some printable banners, plates, flags and ships and costumes from this. Get scrumptious birthday cake delivery to customize in the pirate theme. A simple red and black color scheme is most popular, so you can get the same color scheme for a birthday cake. Put some ships and banners beside the cake to enhance the party theme.

Cakes decoration plays a vital role in celebrating momentous occasions. If you are going to certain theme parties, we have back to back theme decoration of cake here. These cakes don’t cost much if you order it online.


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