Birthday Party Trends Alert in USA: Trolls Theme Birthday

The USA has always come up with whacky and fun ideas for birthday parties. The latest concept they have incorporated in this long list of birthday party ideas is a trolls’ themed birthday party! ‘The trolls’ is the newest animated movie from DreamWorks and is the object of inspiration for this theme party. This party consists of trolls-themed invitations, trolls-themed decorations, troll-themed food as well as activities! There are even special merchandise and party supplies available online, so one can get them for their children’s birthday easily.

  1. Troll Party Beauty Bar – Fun for Kids:

    The trolls-themed birthday party also provides for a troll party beauty bar! The party guests can visit this beauty bar which would be full of beautiful accessories like Trolls hair headbands, flower bracelets, glitter tattoos among other things. The hosts can even upgrade this beauty bar by adding an option of giving their guests DIY personalized Trolls Aprons. They can also create and mix their own glitter body gel, make their own sand-filled rainbow-colored bracelets as well as do each other’s nails.


Trolls Party Beauty Bar


  1. DIY Trolls Centerpiece:

    Every trolls-themed birthday party has to have a troll’s centerpiece. This centerpiece is actually the center table with the decorations. The centerpiece can be ordered online from the Trolls party decorations or can be done with the help of DIYs. DIYs prove to be very helpful as they are reusable, eco-friendly, and fancy. They actually are more appreciated than the store products when it comes to decoration. The hosts can DIY flowers, fancy sticks among others. The birthday gifts delivery. the gifts delivered can also be kept on the table surrounding the centerpiece.


DIY Trolls Centerpiece


  1. Trolls Party Snack:

    What’s a fun party without food? This themed-party comes with a very own menu of troll party snacks. The snack mixes are easy to make, colorful, and are liked by all. They consist of mixing humungous batches of popcorns, pretzels, jelly beans, colorful candy melts, and Wilton Sprinkle Jimmies and Candies of various colors. Also, besides snack mixes, there are troll cookies, troll rainbow food, troll cake pops, and of course, the troll cake. The troll cake is the main part of these party snacks and comes in different shapes and sizes. These are available online and can be ordered easily since cake delivery is now made possible and an easy process.


Trolls Theme Party Snacks


  1. Dessert Collection According to the Theme:

    Although a themed dessert table isn’t a compulsion for all birthday parties, the dessert table, however, has become the latest trend and an attraction of the party. The hosts can make a filling candy table with candies like gumballs, swirl lollipops, and jelly beans along with trolls cupcakes at home or can order such sweet candy tables online. The table, filled with sweet delicacies, along with beautiful trolls’ decoration, is sure to jazz up the party and excite the children.


Trolls Party Dessert Collection


  1. Birthday Cap like Troll’s Hair:

    Every wanted hair like trolls? Well, you have come to the right place! The troll themed birthday party actually has a trend of giving away birthday caps like the troll’s hair! The caps are available online in plenty and can be ordered easily, or they can be easily made at home. The hair requires paper hats, felt paper – out of which the hair would be made, some glue, and a pair of scissors. The hats can be made during the party so that the guests get to make their ‘hair’ according to their desire. The hats can be decorated with felt flowers, pom poms, among other decorations.


Birthday Party Cap like trolls hair


  1. Troll Party Games and Activities:

    A party without games and activities is almost equal to no parties. Troll party games and activities are always creative and fun. The hosts can arrange for a scrapbook station. If a printer is made available, the children can print out the photos and stick them in their scrapbooks as memories of the evening. Hair chalking can also be considered a fun activity. Piñatas are also a fun way to glitter up the celebration. Along with these, there are lots of games and activities which can be done, depending upon the child’s preferences.


Trolls Party Games and Activities


  1. Creative Fun Favor Bag:

    As important it is to send birthday gifts to the birthday boy or girl, so is giving something in return to the children of the party. Creative fun favor bags are a great way of returning the favor. The hosts can arrange all sorts of things to give as a favor to the children, ranging from things ordered online to DIY gifts and presents. The list of ideas for making the favor bag fun and creative is really endless!


Creative Fun Favor Bags

Trolls themed birthday party is the new and latest style of celebrating someone’s special day. This style is gaining popularity slowly but steadily, with its troll food, decorations, and accessories having an increasing fan base day by day.

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