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Celebrate This Christmas by Giving Perfect Corporate Gift Basket

Celebrate This Christmas by Giving Perfect Corporate Gift Basket

Corporate gift giving is quite different from purchasing a gift for either a friend, or lover, or a family member. Gift giving in the world of business is quite critical since it can have a major impact on the relationship which a corporation or an employer has with their clients and employees. According to a survey conducted on corporate gift recipients and gift givers, it has been observed that the organizations which provided gifts are twice as likely to enhance the satisfaction of employees and improves relationships with customers. But, purchasing the perfect corporate gift basket, or memorabilia can be challenging since the wrong gift might give the wrong idea.

When you are purchasing a corporate gift basket, from either a list of corporate gifts or you have already thought of the perfect corporate gift basket, you need to consider 5 critical points – suitability, interest, timing, presentation, and professionalization. Suitability in regards to the choice of the gift.Interest in regards to the recipient’s interest. Timing in regards to the time or event at which you are giving the gift basket. Presentation in regards to how the gift is packed. Professionalization in regards to how the gift is customized. In all of these aspects, a corporate gift basket is the ideal choice of a gift.

List of Top 5 Corporate Gift Baskets  for Holiday Season

Ultimate Gourmet Office Edition for Valuable Employee
Ultimate Gourmet Office Edition

The office edition of the Ultimate Gourmet gift basket consists of the best savory and sweet gourmet foods collected all the way over from Europe. It consists of delicacies imported all the way from Scotland, Crete, France, Spain, and Belgium. With so many choices of gifts included in the basket, this is the best gift for the valuable employees.

The basket starts with Corné Port-Royal’s rich Belgian chocolates, sun-ripened figs and handmade cookies from Crete, and delicious butter crisps from Jules Destrooper. Next comes the tasty Spanish artisan potato chips, Walker’s classic shortbread with chocolate chips, and Macarons Amandes from Maison Fossier. The basket finishes with Menthol Licorice tins from Belgium’s Bel Canto region, fair Trade Cashews from Oxfam, and chocolate-cappuccino nougat from Vital. This luxurious gift basket is ideal for critical corporate gifting occasions like promotion, retirement, Christmas, and other events.

Godiva & Verve Cliquish Exclusive Gift Hamper to Make Big Impression
Godiva & Veuve Clicquot Exclusive Gift Hamper

The exclusive Godiva &VeuveClicquot gift basket is perfect for corporate celebration. This gift basket consists of 2 French Champagne bottles of the VeuveClicquot Brut and the VeuveClicquot Vintage Reserve variety. The champagne’s elegance is balanced by the beautiful Godiva lady tin, a tin of luxury chocolate biscuits, chocolate bonbons, and Creation Pralines. In addition to these wonderful food items, the basket also contains a box of beautiful Godiva truffles. The gift basket is complete with a collection of chocolate covered nuts, and Godiva mini pearls dipped in milk and dark chocolate. This is the best VIP gift basket that you can offer as a corporate gift to your clients, and employees.

Ultimate Gourmet Hamper Red Wine Edition to Make Corporate Relations Strong
Ultimate Gourmet Hamper Red Wine Edition

The ultimate gourmet gift basket with red wine consists of rich, luxurious flavors which is perfectly complemented with a Legende Bordeaux Domaines Barons De Rothschild Rogue bottle of red wine. The red wine is filled with tannins. The hamper also consists of a careful selection of European sweets which includes a fruitcake, some Destrooper biscuits, Elsa’s Story cookies, After Eight mints, Merci crispy almond chocolates, and French macaroons. To balance out this sweetness, the hamper also consists of some delicious gourmet snacks like Griss d’Or Rosmarino Rosemary breaksticks, Cheddar crisps from Millcrepes, Gentil Tapenade from Domaine du Bois. This gift hamper acts as a great corporate gift for making relationships with clients stronger. This gift will be remembered and enjoyed for a long time.

Sweet Tooth Standard for Candy Loving Employees
Sweet Tooth Standard

The popular Sweet Tooth gift basket is loved by all. It consists of hand-picked collection of European confections, cookies, and candies. These items are beautifully decorated in a handwoven basket. Your candy loving employees would love to dip their teeth into some fluffy Coffee and Cream Marshmallows which are covered with rich milk chocolate. They will love the Cote d’Or Belgian chocolate bars and the elegant macaroons. They will feel delighted when they eat the Del Canto Belgian licorice, Werther’s Originals, Oxfam fair Trade gummy bears, and Cavendish butterscotches. They will just love to share the jar of Royal Belberry gourmet apricot jam biscuits. This is a great gift the employees who love candies.

Chocoholic Large Gift Basket for Chocoholic Employees

Chocoholic Large Gift Basket

Last, but not the least, the Chocoholic Large Gift Basket. This gift basket is perfect for the employees who just love chocolate. The basket starts off with some luxury Neuhaus Manon pralines dipped in white, dark, and milk chocolate. Then comes the Corne Port-Royal Christmas Royal Collection of dark and milk chocolate nougats. It also consists of Fluffy Marshmallow bars dipped in peppermint and dark chocolate. Finally, the box finishes off with some Merci assorted chocolates, some traditional After Eight Chocolate Mints, Cote d’Or Bouchee Milk Bars, and Ferrero Rocher chocolate and hazel nut balls. This gift basket is perfect for the chocoholic employees of your company.

So, this is a list of 5 exquisite corporate gift baskets which you can give this festive season. You can take the help of a Corporate Gifts Basket Delivery UK service to send the gifts to your employees this festive season. Spread the joy and Merry Christmas.

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