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19+ Uncovered Christmas Traditions You should Start This Year

Are you searching for some new Christmas traditions? Perhaps your family has lost interest in the old ones, or perhaps they are also finding for some new trends. Whatever the case may be, take a look at 19 Christmas traditions to start this year. These traditions are all fun ways to bring your family together, make new memories, and truly get into the holiday spirit!

Let’s see, which unique Christmas traditions you should start this year to make the festive memorable for years.

#1. Elf on a Shelf(Days of Kindness)

With the holiday season being so near lots of things need to be completed. However, every day an act of kindness or doing something useful can lift your spirits instantly. To make kids do the same thing may be more of a hassle, but adding a fun element to the task may do the trick. This brings us to the tradition of Elf on a Shelf, who holds messages for the day to day chores. Kids need something which they can relate to and tiny elves and fantasy creatures convince them much more easily than parents. So, repurpose the elf and show some acts of kindness to the world or the people around you.

#2. Christmas Cookie Exchange Party

Having a party may not be as simple as you think. It requires planning and a lot of other things need to be taken care of. For Christmas, a cookie exchange party could be a very good idea. All you have to do is invite friends who are likely to bake and ask each person to bake a certain type of cookie. However, decide on the number of people coming to the party, the number of cookies needed for the event and the ground rules for baking of the cookies. The person hosting the party need to be careful so that he/she has enough snacks, drinks and storage units. Finally, at the end of the party, compile all the recipes and send them to all the contributors of the party.

#3. Children's Christmas Tree

Christmas is all about spreading the word of love and enjoying yourself. It is always difficult to handle kids around the big Christmas tree since their curiosity makes them explore more and more which might end up messing the decorations. To prevent that and to increase the spirit of being one family, a specific tradition can become really handy. Make a separate Christmas tree for the children which they can decorate and redecorate according to their wish. Put wrapped books underneath the tree where they are allowed to open one book every night and read it together as a family. This way the big tree and the presents stay safe. You can easily get these Christmas gifts online if buying them is too much of a hassle.

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#4. Create DIY crafts and Decor Trees with Kids

A very good idea for presents when you are on a tight budget is to go for DIY (Do IT Yourself) crafts and gifts. The best part about this is, you can ask the kids to help you out. No matter what you say, every kid likes to play with craft items, glitter and the joy of creating something new is absolutely amazing for them. If spending time with the youngsters is important then take their help decorating the tree. While it may on be like the ones in the movies, but the family time sure is a lot of fun.

#5. Go Christmas Shopping

The best solution to all problems is perhaps to ‘Go Shopping!’. It opens up a person’s mind to new ideas and options, not just about gifts but also about other small things like Christmas games and new holiday traditions that might be started. Nowadays it is not necessary to go out to shop either. You can just sit at home and even get your Christmas gifts delivery if needed.

So, in the holiday season open your mind to new possibilities, both inside and outside of the four corners of the house.

#6. Christmas Stalker (Stocking Tradition)

Tradition of the Christmas Stalker is a lot of fun. In this game everyone has to draw a name from the small papers containing names of the family members. Say, if someone gets your name, then he/she has to stalk you to find out what would be the most meaningful gift for you that will fit in the stocking on the mantelpiece. For every person it shouldn’t be a problem at all since there are 100s of different goodies that would fit into the stockings, for example – pixy cubes, chinese jum prope, sticker books, foam glider, travel games, bacon floss, poppers, rockee toothbrush etc. You can also get more ideas off the internet and get the Christmas gift hampers online.

#7. Make Christmas Cards and Recycle Old Cards

We all send out cards during the Xmas season. This time why not make these cards with your own hands? That would make it more personal and the kids will enjoy the whole activity. Then you can send out these cards to friends, family and many charitable organizations to show them that the society acknowledges their work. The old Xmas cards from the past years can also be used for decorations. Just cut out the photos and things you like from the old cards, past them and use a garland to decorate. It will be simple and will get better every year as more and more memories are added.

#8. Write Letters to Santa

For young kids, the whole idea of Xmas is very exciting and important especially because of the involvement of the fantasy elements, gifts and enjoyment associated with Santa Claus coming to town. In order to keep their spirits alive you can begin a tradition in your house where the little ones will write cute letters for Santa and then they will be posted to the North Pole. If a kid is too young to form a format of the letter, he/she can be given a template.

#9. Christmas Eve Storytime

Christmas Eve – the time when the excitement is running high the most. At this point of time it can be a challenge to make the little ones go to sleep. But storytime could be your ticket. Before that you need to set up the environment with things like hot cocoa, candle light, being comfortable in bed with pillows and blankets and then you begin with the story – maybe a classic like, A Xmas carol, The night before Xmas, etc.

#10. Plan a Baking Day with Kids

The holiday flavors are found in the different types of baked goods during this time. Since holidays are all about spending quality time with your family, you can easily have a baking day with the young ones in the house. This will not only make you have some quality time, but will also help to get a huge amount of work done very easily. Bake all the goodies you love, save some for yourself and give the rest to your family and friends.

#11. Start a Family Talent Show with Caroling

Putting on a talent show when the family is sitting around together is a very good way to entertain everyone in the room. While there are a number of different things you can do, keeping with the holiday spirits Caroling would be a very good option. You can all sing Christmas carols around the piano or go caroling and maybe discover the hidden talents in you.

#12. Gifts For Everyone

The first thing is to not forget anyone when it comes to giving presents. Everyone should receive some sort of a gift even your boss, colleagues and other work people you may know. Corporate gift baskets are good presents for any holiday if the gifts are to be delivered to the people in your office. It is important to remember everyone since each person plays a unique role in our day to day routine and it is our duty to respect their importance in our lives.

#13. Sleep Over After Family Movie Night(The Late, Late Show)

Another beautiful traditions is to have a family movie night and then a sleepover. This day, the kids are allowed to stay up really late and watch a late night show of their favorite movie(s). This makes sure that they sleep soundly, not hear Santa coming and that they don’t wake up the grown-ups accidentally at 4:00-5:00 a.m. You can also have a sleepover right under the Christmas tree with all the family members, making it extra special.

#14. Neighborhood Luminaries

The walks in the neighborhood can be decorated with simple handmade luminaries. They require simple ingredients to make such as reusable glass jars, sand, candles, sacks, etc. Each house can be responsible for lighting of the walk right outside their house and this will create an amazing sight during the Christmas. You can yourself take a walk around the neighborhood and appreciate the beautiful sight and the hard work of the people.

#15. Snowman Contest

What is ever better than a contest with the possibility of winning gifts? To make things funnier this holiday season, host a Snowman Contest where every participant has to use his/her imagination to make the best snowman possible to win the contest.

After the contest is over, you can have a prize distribution ceremony along with hot chocolate and snacks. This way, everyone gets to have a gala time and the excitement doesn’t die down.

#16. Go Sledding

What is the one thing that characterizes the winter season in cold countries? It is Snow.. So, drive your car around to find the perfect spot for sledding. Spend the whole day sledding in different hills and by making snow angels. This is the perfect outdoor activity for kids and grown-ups alike since the children get to have fun and the grown-ups get to relive their childhood memories again.

#17. Don't forget Reindeer(MAGIC REINDEER DUST)

Kids want to believe in fantasy much more that the older people. But kids are smart, you can’t fool them anytime you want. So in order to make the whole Santa Claus bringing gifts magic to happen, you cannot forget about the Reindeer. You can put carrots and other food items for Santa’s reindeer and in the morning sprinkle chocolate covered raisins on the ground as a proof of their visit.

#18. Year in Review Letter and Make a Wish(Goal) Letter for Next Year

A beautiful tradition is to write down a review of the year that went by. Everyone can be asked to put in their contributions by adding new stories every year. If these are kept safely, then over the years it will turn into a book of family memories. Even after the kids grow up, keep adding stories and pass it on to the next generation. You will slowly end up with something most people struggle to have — an ode to everyone’s time together.

#19. Donate Your Time and Money for Others(Gift For Jesus)

Christmas is all about loving and sharing and giving back to the community in some form. So, this year, maybe you can spend less time on yourself and a little more time on doing something that is beneficial for the people who need help. Spend some time volunteering in soup kitchens, orphanages, old age homes etc. You can also put a secret wish or an act of kindness in the written form in one of the Christmas tree ornaments. Next year this ornament will make you smile when you realize that the wish has been accomplished with your hard work and that you have made a gift to Jesus himself.

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