Tips for Last minute Balloon Decoration for any Party

Balloon decoration is the best decoration for parties like birthdays, wedding, baby shower, Anniversary, Graduation etc. Balloons add life to the party and make any empty room look vivacious and lively. With few balloons the whole venue gets filled with balloons and gives the venue perfect party look. It makes the place colourful and welcoming for the guests. You can click wonderful pictures with balloon backdrops in background and have a memorable time with your friends and family. Thus here we are with few, life saving balloon decoration that will help you for last minute parties.

Select Suitable Balloons

  • According to Theme

First thing that should come while selecting the balloons should be the theme of the party. There are several parties like birthdays and even weddings where we have specific themes like black and white, tropical theme, masquerade party etc. Here the balloons should be chosen according to the theme so that it will look appropriate with the theme and also give more respect to the theme. Order happy birthday balloons online for wishing your loved ones Happy Birthday or to decorate the birthday party venue.

  • According to Occasions

Second thing we should keep in mind is the occasion that is for what occasion we want balloons. Nowadays we have balloons decoration almost for all the occasions like birthday, baby shower, wedding, Anniversary, graduation etc. For weddings you can make balloon arches, for anniversary you can make a heart backdrop of balloons, for birthdays decorate the walls with balloons and baby shower make cartoon characters out of balloons.

Buy Some Creative Balloons

  • Balloons for Kids

Latex Balloons are best for kids as they love colourful things and they can also play with these balloons. These balloons are best for kids as kids can play so many fun games with these balloons. These are not harmful and you can let your child play with the balloons all alone. We also have various foil and Mylar balloons that are in shape on birthday cake, cartoon characters, letters and numbers that can be used for decoration and playing.

  • Smiley Balloons

Nowadays we have foil balloons and Mylar balloons that come in various shapes and patterns. One of them are smiley balloons, these smiley balloons have different types of emojis that expresses love, naughtiness, laughter, joy, sadness etc. Thus these are lovely yellow balloons that are widely used these days.

  • Printed Balloons

These balloons are also trending, these balloons are special foil balloons which have wishes like Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, I LOVE YOU, I MISS YOU, Congratulations etc printed on it. These balloons are used to convey wishes for a specific occasion. You can tell these balloons as new form of cards which were earlier used to convey greetings.

Make a Plan for Decoration

  • Entrance Decoration

Once you have your balloons, the next step is how you will decorate these balloons. Balloons arcs are very popular. You can get big balloon arcs made of these balloons at the entrance of the party. You can take ideas from the internet for making a balloon arc or you can also find decorators online.

  • Party Room/Hall Decoration

For Hall at specific intervals, make balloon pillars and at the centre stage make the backdrop with the help of balloons. You can also use helium balloons if the place is not too big and tie swirled ribbons on the other end of balloons. You can add chocolates and confetti in the balloons so when the balloons will pop, they will shower confetti and chocolates and surprise the kids.

  • Table Decoration

Table Decoration is a very important decoration for any party. First you can keep the cake and other required things on the table and then decorate it with ribbons and colourful balloons. You can hang balloons at the centre table and if you want to be more creative paste name of the guest on balloon and keep that balloon on their chair.

Do some DIY with Balloons

  • Stick Pom-poms on Balloons

For this you are required to take solid hue balloons, so that they do not pop while sticking the pom-poms with hot glue. Get colourful pom-poms online and stick them randomly on the inflated balloons and rest it for a while. These balloons will look so pretty and unique.

  • Fill Balloons with Confetti

Before inflating the balloons with the help of funnel, fill the balloons with confetti. Thus when it will pop, confetti will be spread all around. To add glittery look to your balloons, you can use transparent balloons as the confetti inside these balloons will look so good and lovely.

  • Add Sticker on Balloons

Buy stickers of your kid’s favourite shapes, colours or animal motif and stick it on the inflated balloon at specific places. The balloon will look different and will tempt the eyes of the little guests. You can also ask the kids to make DIY stickers and then paste them on the inflated balloons. This activity will also be enjoyed by kids.

  • Make Some Marks on Balloons

Give your child a permanent marker and draw abstract patterns on the balloons to give it a wonderful look. You just having to keep repeating the same patterns all over the inflated and get amazed with the results. You can use glow in dark pens to give it glowing effect.

Delivery Services

Online Shopping is a boon, so get balloon delivery at your place at the right time and save your valuable time instead of running to the market. We will deliver you before time and so you can focus on other arrangements. After shopping from us, sit back and relax till your order arrives. Make balloon delivery to your near and dear ones for special occasions like birthdays and Anniversary and convey wishes for the occasion.

We hope these last Balloon Decoration Ideas save your parties and give you perfect decoration for any party.

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